decades of experience


You may ask, what sets us apart?

Nowadays, game engines are free and commoditized, such that a flotilla of new developers have entered the field attracted by money and growth. But as a technology that essentially simulates reality, both visual and physical, this is as advanced as in simulating the Matrix.

Past experience hail from the early 2000’s, in which game engines such as Unity3D did not exist. Having spent many years writing our own game/3d engines and know their in-and-outs, this is an advantage that new comers will take decades to match

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advanced 3d graphics

ray tracing and more

Most games software employ a standard 3d technique that while meets the minimal requirement, but results in visual looks reminiscent of video games from the early 2000’s. This is not surprising because it takes advanced knowledge of computer graphics, physics, optics, to simulate appearances that approach reality.

Work includes scientists in advanced fields and industries. This is the first advantage that sets apart from competitors

scientific accuracy

“rigorous process and results”

art assets

resourceful skills

Most software developers are specialist coders and programmers working with artists and designers of photos and images. But the video games industry require 3d models. Unlike images that can be universally viewed and used, 3d models are complex standards that are often not inter-operable and are attached with plethora of texture maps that can only be meaningfully interpreted by shaders and materials..

This is often a weak link that other developers can hardly cover. Possess resourceful 3d model experts in addition to competent engineers